Frozen Awesome

inspired ice cream

Current Flavors:

  • Shipley’s Glazed & Confused Donut
  • In A World Gone Mad Whiskey + Cereal (Makers Mark Some Noise + Golden Grahams)
  • Triple Trouble Dulce de Leche + Chocolate + Toffee
  • Brass Monkey Caramelized Banana
  • In 3′s Vietnamese Coffee
  • Root Down Rocky Road
  • Goode Co. Pecan Picecream

Other Flavors We've Created and Feature From Time to Time:

  • Sweet Corn Shazam
  • Mardi Pardi King Cake
  • She’s Crafty Salted Caramel + Bacon
  • Grateful Bread Vanilla
  • Ch-Ch-Chocolate
  • Strawberry Sabrosa
  • Remote Control Red Curry
  • Black Pepper Big Shot
  • Sweet Relish Slow Ride
  • Peach Cobbler in Effect
  • Slow and Low Sweet Potato Marshmallow
  • Hello Nasty Hazelnut
  • Mint Chocolate Maestro
  • Funky Boss Fig+Ricotta
  • Pass the Pistachio

(we rotate flavors seasonally)

sassy sorbet

  • Arnold Palmer (half tea half lemonade)
  • Shake Your Coconuts
  • Electric Yuzu
  • Johnny Ryall Raspberry
  • Lighten Up Lime & Mint
  • It Takes 2 To Mango
  • Professor Pomegranate

other sweet nothings

ice cream sammies, cake in jars, 8th Wonder root beer & more!